Why The Yoga Space?

I turned to yoga following major surgery, with goals of reducing the daily pain I was suffering and regaining the strength and flexibility I had lost.  After just two months of following a personal practice, I experienced not only dramatic physical improvement but I also achieved a level of peace and clarity that I hadn’t expected.  I wasn't aware of the impact yoga would have on my emotional and spiritual well-being.

Having yoga in my life has created the space to allow my body and my spirit to heal.  We all deserve external space in which to move our bodies, but possibly more importantly, we deserve to create additional space within.  Yoga is a way to create space within our physical and spiritual selves.  We can only grow physically, emotionally or spiritually with a supportive, compassionate space that encourages such growth.  I chose the name The Yoga Space to acknowledge these ideas.

I have created The Yoga Space to be a supportive, inspiring space to explore the unique journey down your path.  Please explore this website and call me if you are interested in any of the workshops, retreats or classes or scheduling an individual session.




What is Viniyoga?

Viniyoga is a therapeutic form of Hatha yoga.  It is often practiced in a one-on-one or small group setting so that the class can be tailored to meet each individual’s goals and abilities.  One important aspect of Viniyoga is assessing your current state prior to and following each yoga practice.  In this way the student and teacher are both aware of the impact the practice is having. 

The yoga path is a process that changes and evolves over time.  Viniyoga recognizes that and as such places an emphasis on modifying the various aspects of the practice to best facilitate improvement.